• Creative Home Wall Design

    We have come through a period when de-cluttered rooms and magnolia walls were all that was needed to excite the modern decorator.  It was discovered that the key to decoration was to not decorate, and any use of initiative or color was a sign of weakness in someone who … [Continue Reading]

    Creative Home Wall Design
  • Five Tips for Picking Interior Paint Colors

    Choosing Interior Painting colors can be difficult at best. I have personally worked with hundreds of homeowners and have seen them agonize over choosing the right colors. With a little bit of help though, everyone can find colors that perfectly fit the style and … [Continue Reading]

    Five Tips for Picking Interior Paint Colors
  • White Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets are the focal capstone of any home. They add elegance and beauty to functionality and practicality. While the choice between white cabinets and stained cabinets usually comes down to personal preference, there are a handful of reasons why someone may … [Continue Reading]

    White Kitchen Cabinets
  • Painting Kitchen Cupboards

    How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Video Before We Begin: Painting Kitchen Cabinets Enamel Vs. Paint You’ve probably heard the term enamel but may not know what it is. Enamel is a type of paint that dries extra hard, cleans easily, and looks beautiful. Using a … [Continue Reading]

    Painting Kitchen Cupboards

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