The exterior of your home is a public mosaic of your personality.  Whether you are bright and vibrant or dark and brooding, choosing the correct exterior paint is a cathartic way to express yourself while also protecting your investment.  Painting the exterior of your home can be a pricey proposition, so it is imperative that you have the knowledge to select the correct paint for your home.  Weather, the age and condition of your home and your budget are just a handful of the factors to ponder.  At Capstone Painting we have utilized a plethora of Sherwin-Williams exterior paints to create some dramatic home makeovers with just a few coats.  Here is our primer (paint pun #78) on selecting the best exterior paint for your home.

Exterior Painting MN


By far the most affordable exterior paint available from Sherwin-Williams, A-100 provides average to below average coverage, which is to be expected from a product at this price level.  In our experience the paint sprays easy and dries satisfactory.  A-100 can be used to cover a wide range of surfaces including brick and aluminum siding.  We have noticed that A-100 does not provide the best coverage of bright paints, so keep that in mind if you have to cover an old coat of cherry apple red.  A-100 is backed by a 15-year warranty which is less than great, but to date we have yet to have a major issue when using this product.
Flat $29.99 per gallon • Satin $31.99 per gallon[1]


Duration is guaranteed for the duration.  Sherwin-Williams backs the product with a lifetime warranty.  The paint is self-priming meaning it is meant to cover your old exterior paint in one coat, which it is capable of doing quite well.  However, the self-priming capability is not strong enough to provide one-coat coverage of cedar, metal or bare woods.  Duration is a high quality paint, which if applied properly, will last a very long time and could end up saving you money due to its thick coverage.  If you have the ability to pony up the dollars, you will be delighted with the look and durability of this exterior paint.
Flat $53.99 per gallon • Satin $55.99 per gallon

Finished Exterior Paint Job in Minneapolis

Finished Exterior Paint Job in Minneapolis


Resilience exterior paint is the freedom fighter of dryness.  This specially formulated paint dries as if it is setting in the Sahara and can resist moisture in two hours or less, which is 50% faster than your standard exterior latex paint.  The catch-22 of Resilience is that a fast drying paint is often not advantageous to even coat coverage.  Generally, it is beneficial to keep a wet edge when painting.  A wet edge allows for a smooth blending of the paint, if this is not done visible flashing or streaking in the coat can occur.  Overall Resilience is a great looking paint that covers nicely and is highly useful if you are trying to paint in area that receives a generous amount of precipitation.
Flat $46.99 per gallon • Satin 49.99 per gallon

Super Paint

Super Paint is the recipient of Capstone Painting’s prestigious Golden Roller Award™ for favorite all-around exterior paint.  Super Paint is the paint at which price and quality converge. The paint is designed to be resistant to the extreme elements of all seasons and comes with a generous 25-year warranty.  It sprays nicely and provides robust coverage.  We have always had good experiences with the paint and the customers are always satisfied with the results.
Flat $37.99 per gallon • Satin $40.99 per gallon

The Final Tip Touch Up

The presentation of your exterior painting provides the opportunity to express a part of yourself to your community in way otherwise not possible.  A fresh coat of exterior paint is an investment not to be taken lightly, not only can it be a costly project, it is also a first line of defense between your home and the elements.  No paint is worse than a paint of lesser quality so if your home has begun to chip and peel it is imperative that you begin to research your options.  Do you live in a wet climate?  Do you have a bright paint to cover?  How often do you feel the urge to change up the look of your home?  Consider your circumstances, make a decision and enjoy your own personal home makeover!

Article Written By: Capstone Painting Company

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