If you are trying to get a coat of paint on your walls, you have more options than you might think. Professional painters in Capstone, Minnesota use multiple painting methods on a day to day basis because they have multiple surfaces to cover at any point in time. They may use some more than others, but they have to be familiar with all of them. If you’re just a little curious about how your walls might get covered in the future, here are some options to keep in mind.


Paint rollers are the most commonly used tools for painting walls. They can hold a lot of paint at one point in time, and they can cover large areas with minimal strokes. The texture of the brushes can get into the cracks of textured walls, creating a flat color with interest and dimension. If you have a relatively standard room to paint, this will be what your Capstone painters use on most of the walls.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are great for detail work. They do not cover large surfaces, but they can be manipulated to get into tight corners. If you have a lot of trim pieces in your home, your painters may use brushes for the detail work. This will create a crisp, clean edge on your walls.

Spray Paint

In some cases, painters will use spray paint to cover a large wall. This is usually the case if the wall curves in a strange way because the roller may not work well on it. Spray paint can create an even coat when used properly, but it is somewhat hard to control. That is why it is mainly used for cabinet doors and oddly positioned construction details.

Your Minnesota painters might use any or all of these options when they start working on your home. It just depends on what kind of work is involved with your project. Set up a consultation with one of our paint professionals, and they’ll let you know just what it is going to take to get the job done.

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