Titan Multi Finish Sprayer

Titan Multi Finish Sprayer

Capstone was recently chosen to be a beta tester of the new Titan Multi-Finish Air-Assisted Airless (AAA) sprayer. We received the demo sprayer in September of 2009 and have used it mainly for spraying pigmented lacquers and clear lacquers on our painting projects here in Minnesota.


  • The prototype model had a black finish as opposed to the traditional Titan red that is standard on most models.
  • The system comes equipped with a Titan GM3600 gun and a switch tip housing.
  • The Titan 440 features Titan Rapid Clean, which provides a completely thorough cleaning of the pump.  This helps eliminate harmful contaminants.
  • System includes 50’ of fluid and air hose standard.
  • Max Delivery: .54 GPM.
  • Max Air: 35 psi.
  • Max Fluid Pressure: 3300 psi.
  • Weight: 82 lbs.
  • The Titan Push feature helps loosen pesky stuck foot valve balls.
  • The Titan 440 system utilizes Titan’s automatic oil button feature.


During our three month test period we found the Titan Multi-Finish to be extremely reliable. Not once did we experience any downtime with the unit. We used both reversible and flat tips with the unit to test how it would handle each style.  I have never been a fan of using a reversible tip with an air assisted airless system, but the unit managed to perform with the reversible tip at an acceptable level.  The system worked flawlessly when using a flat tip, which is expected given the intended use of the unit.  Keep in mind that when spraying lacquers we typically use a 45 degree flat tip at 600-700 psi with 15 psi of air.


We found that cleanup and maintenance were incredibly easy when using Titans Rapid Clean and Oiler Button features.  The gun has a great ergonomically designed fit that allows for minimal wear on the user.  One complaint and disadvantage of the system is the lack of a digital display. When spraying with an air assisted airless system, digital displays are incredibly useful.  This is a design advantage that Graco pinpointed and got right with their Finish-Pro sprayer.


The quality of finish met all of the expectation we have for an air assisted airless system.  We would feel extremely confident using the product on future projects.


When compared to the Graco FinishPro 395, the Titan Multi Finish 440 wins in a few areas such as the ball rocker, the oil dispenser and the auto clean feature. That being said, Graco more than makes up for the lack of these features with the inclusion of the digital display.  Ultimately both pumps are incredible tools that should be a welcomed addition to any painters shop. Our advice would be to price both units out and factor in the aforementioned features.  It’s tough to lose either way.

Article Written By: Capstone Painting Company

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