What Is The Best Bathroom Paint?

Bathroom PaintMany of my clients often ask me what the best bathroom paint is. There are two ways of attempting to answer this question. The first is which type of paint is the best bathroom paint while the second is which brand of paint is the best bathroom paint.

I am going to tack the first topic here of what type of bathroom paint is best. You will see by the end that the brand is secondary.

When you are looking for bathroom paint, you will want to think about a few factors.

  • Bathrooms are hot and steamy. Moisture in the air will be a big problem.
  • Walls will get splashed around the tub, sink and toilet. Again, moisture will be an issue for bathroom paint.
  • Bacteria and mold can easily grow around your tub, toilet and sink. This must be taken into account when choosing bathroom paint.
  • Durability. Normal wear around light switches and other areas where hands will come into contact with the walls.

To deal with moisture issues your first line of defense in bathroom paints is the seen. Flat paints have a flat look because the surface is actually very rigid. This rigid surface holds water, moisture and dirt on the walls. This can speed up water damage, hold dirt and bacterial and speed growth of mold and bacteria, and this rigid surface makes the paint harder to clean.

Satin, eggshell or semi-gloss bathroom paints have a more flat surface that will not hold water and bacteria and will be easier to clean. So it is always good to have at least some sheen in your bathroom paint.

Next you will want to look for a bathroom paint that has anti-mold and mildew properties. You will find that most all paint brands have a bathroom or wall paint that is mold, mildew and stain resistant.

A few quick things about these types of bathroom paints. 1 – They contain mildewcides, these are chemicals to help prevent mildew and mold. If you want a chemical free home, stay away from these. 2 – They do not kill mold or mildew, they merely help prevent. 3 – Oil based paint are fantastic for growing mold, they feed off alkyd paints!

Summary of Bathroom Paint

To get the best possible bathroom paint, you should be using water based, eggshell or higher sheen paint with mildew resistant properties and start on a clean surface. If you choose to skip the mildew resistant properties, then make sure to keep your bathroom as moisture free as possible by running the fan and cleaning wet surfaces immediately (which is a good idea anyway!).

So Which Brand of Bathroom Paint is Best?

If you are interested in which brand is the best bathroom paint, I would say that the brands all have pretty similar products on the market and it really just boils down to the price of your bathroom paint. Sherwin Williams has a great but expensive bathroom paint and Benjamin Moore has a great Kitchen and Bath paint that is also quite expensive. There are many other brands that offer great products at even better prices, so shop around and ask a lot of questions.


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