What is the Real Cost of Exterior Painting?

An In Depth Look at the Real Cost of Exterior Painting: Hiring a Painting Contractor Vs. Do It Yourself Painting.

Painter painting peak of soffit & FasciaAre you thinking about hiring a professional painting contractor to do your exterior painting this Summer? If so you may have been trying to figure out the costs and benefits of hiring a painting company versus painting your exterior yourself. I have listed here a very accurate list of costs and time involved in hiring a painting contractor versus painting yourself. If you have been on the fence, hopefully the Real Cost of Exterior Painting can help you make your decision.

Cost of Exterior Painting – Hiring a Painting Contractor

Lets say that your live in a typical 2000-3000 square foot home in the Twin Cities. To hire Straight Line to paint the entire exterior of this home, which includes: power washing, scrapping, prepping, priming and painting the body, trim, doors, windows, soffits and fascia, and finally cleaning up, you would spend between $3000 – $4000 which should also include a paint and labor warranty. When Straight Line is completed with your home (typically in less than 1 week) you will have a beautifully painted home with a 3 year labor warranty and a lifetime paint warranty.

Cost of Exterior Painting – Do It Yourself

If you were to paint this home yourself your costs would be as follows:

  • 1-2 week paint sprayer rental: $400
    • Purchase of a cheap paint sprayer: $400
  • Purchase of a 32’ ladder: $200
    • Rental of a 32’ ladder: $100
  • Tape & Plastic for Prepping your Exterior: $50-$100
  • Brushes & Rollers: $50-$75
  • Primer: $125-$200
  • Top Coat: $300-$800
  • Small Power Washer Purchase: $300
    • Large Power Washer Rental: $300 per week.
  • Extra rental time, Gas, Extra brushes, and other materials: $100-$200

Estimated Cost of Painting Your Home Yourself: $1,500 – $2,300

Below is the explanation of time involved in painting the exterior of your home

  • Power Washing Your Home: 8-14 hours
    • Plan on one large day to accomplish all power washing. Between 8-14 hours.
  • Scrapping / Sanding Loose Paint from your Home: 20-40 hours
    • This may be optional depending on the condition of your home, but to be safe, plan on it.
    • You will need to purchase a nice scrapper and extra blades.
    • If power sanding add 10-30 hours of sanding depending on the condition of the home.
  • Prepping Your Home: 16 Hours
    • You will be covering all windows, concrete, air conditioner, vegetation and any other area’s that you do not want to get paint on. This takes 2-4 hours per side of your home typically.
  • Priming your Home: 30-50 hours
    • You can expect to use roughly 5-8 gallons of primer depending on the size of your home.
    • If you want to put in fewer hours you can rent or purchase a paint sprayer and bring your hours down to the 30 range but will add on a significant cost to your exterior painting project.
  • Painting Your Home: 60 – 100 hours
    • You will need between 12-25 gallons of top coat to two coat the exterior of your home.
  • Cleaning Your Jobsite & Equipment: 4 hours

Estimated Time Involved in Painting Your Home Yourself: 140-225 Hours

Historic Painting Restoration

The Conclusion on The Real Cost of Exterior Painting

When added up, that puts a value on your time of roughly $8-$10 an hour for an average home. For some people, that may be well worth it, for others, they may value their time more than this and that is when hiring a professional painting contractor makes a lot of sense.

An additional benefit of using a painting company such as Straight Line Painting is the added 3 Year Labor Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

As you can see, when you add up all of the time and money involved in painting the exterior of your own home it ends up making quite a bit of sense to hire a professional painting contractor.

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